Create a coaching or consulting business

​that changes lives.​

You want to do work that's aligned with your purpose.

You want to improve the lives of others.

​You want financial freedom so you can take care of yourself,

take time to travel, be with family, or enjoy the natural world.

​We'll show you how.

Who We Work With

We work with self-employed coaches and service-based entrepreneurs from around the world. Our clients care deeply about being of service and contributing to more just and equitable societies. They are great at what they do and know how to get results for their clients. ​

You're likely a good fit if...

You're committed.

We work with entrepreneurs for whom we're confident we can earn an excellent ROI. We're 100% committed to your success, and you also need to share that same commitment. Our programs are for those who are ready to believe in themselves and do the work.

You're coachable.

Our processes are proven to work if you work them. This means learning the content, implementing what's taught and getting the help that you need to be successful. It means letting go of other strategies that haven't yielded results and being open to trying something new.

You're in it for the long-run.

Our programs are about building a sustainable, scalable business. You're willing to take the time to build a strong foundation. You're not interested in chasing shiny balls that promise you six figures overnight with little to no effort under the guise of "passive income" and other such nonsense. You're ready to end the distraction and get serious about your business.

What We Do Together

We'll teach you the step-by-step strategies you need to implement so that you can get clients for your business. We'll coach you through your mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back from building a thriving practice that makes you money and gets amazing results for your clients.

​During phase I of our program, we'll take you through a step-by-step process to build a strong foundation for your business. You'll learn how to execute the most high leverage client attraction activities for your specific business and clientele, and how to maximize every minute of the day to get the results your clients desire.

During phase II, you'll begin scaling your 1:1 business through group programs. You'll learn exactly how to create, market and fill a group program so that you can impact more people, while working fewer hours each week. You'll put the systems and structures in place for continued growth and success.

The best part?

While you're implementing proven business building strategies, you'll become more deeply connected to your higher power, learn to leverage your intuition, and clear the self-sabotaging patterns you've been holding on to, so that the only option is success. Our program is the perfect combination of business strategy meets personal development.

You will...

build a business in alignment with your true purpose

  • turn up and tune up your intuitive powers ​
  • stand out in a crowded market through positioning that sets you apart
  • clear away the emotional clutter that sabotages your efforts
  • create amazing offers that sell themselves
  • create & fill programs that fulfill their promise
  • become a master of your time, and use every minute with intention
  • boost your web presence by focusing on what matters most
  • learn to set goals for your business and meet them with ease

Core Leadership Development is committed to inclusion across diverse and intersectional identities. We believe that differences should be celebrated and inclusivity is a non-negotiable for us. We value individuals' experiences and personal narratives in our approach to coaching. We place high value on personal responsibility and generosity. We encourage you to become a part of our community if you share these values.


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