I am pilot testing a future Masterclass and need your help!!


For Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs who want a proven process for gaining a steady stream of paying clients.

Space is LIMITED! Sign up NOW!

June 14, 15 & 17, 2022

@12-1pm Eastern

Don't fret - Replays available!

In this FREE 3-DAY Workshop, I’ll teach you my simple system to attract & land paying clients, and you’ll leave with an Actionable Roadmap!

No More Wondering “How the Heck do I Consistently Gain Clients?!?!”

You’ll Learn How to...

Identify, find and land your ideal clients.

You’ll learn how to create a target market so that you know who you help, what results they desire and how you help them reach those results.

Thrive financially by charging what your transformation is worth & having clients say “Yes” to you and your service.

Learn how to price, package and share your transformational service so that selling is easy and, get this……comfortable for you.

Overcome your overwhelm & confusion by creating an Actionable Roadmap to success.

Done are the days of trying to “figure out” how to strategically build your business. You'll have a roadmap that shows you how high-impact entrepreneurs operate.

And So Much MORE!

PRIVATE Facebook Group Coaching Support

Submit your course action steps, ask questions and post your challenges! Maria & her Team are literally in there ALL WEEK coaching you through it all!

(It’s what we’re known for 😉)

Create YOUR VERY OWN Roadmap to Consistent Clients

You will be taken step-by-step through the process, so that you leave with an ACTION PLAN that is tailored to your unique situation.

Free Coaching Sessions by our FAB team!

We want to be sure you’re well equipped to use the Roadmap.

Details will be shared on Day #2 (June 15th)

Lifetime Access to our Pricing for Profit Calculator

Take out the guessing game & never again wonder- “What the heck do I charge?!”

You must be LIVE on Day #3 (June 17th) to get it!

Listen~ This won’t be just another FREE course that lacks in delivering actionable content. You’ll be supported from beginning to end, learn actionable steps & put them into a simple to follow roadmap, so that you you can move forward with the clarity and confidence.

This won’t be another FREE course that passes you by. You’ll be supported from beginning to end so that you get what you need and can move forward with the clarity and confidence you’ve been waiting for.

Bring your FRIENDS along, show up at every session LIVE, STAY ACTIVE in the group & be entered to win so many SUPER COOL PRIZES.

Details are in your welcome email!

SUPER DUPER ACTION TAKERS PRIZE: A FULL Scholarship to our 6-month coaching program for business owners who are ready to get fully-booked with clients

PARTY GIRL PRIZES: We’ve got HD tablets, webcams & ring lights to help you work your business like a pro!

I have a calendar full of clients with more in the pipeline.

I’m now fully booked and experiencing epiphanies of self-awareness and the secrets to flow.

Before I started the Accelerator™ Programme, I was working in a compartmentalized way, with my personal growth separated from and hence misaligned with my business model.

I sold projects and workshops but hadn't created any offers that enabled clients to experience working with me as a stepping stone to my signature programme.

I had thought this was just the way I had to struggle through business.

With this program, you get both a sound methodology for results with nourishment for the heart and soul of your business.

This is the transformative programme for conscious owners with the desire to take action for the good of all."

Lynne Stainthorpe

I have 5x’d my income from last year.

The Accelerator™ program has enabled me to grow my business in a state of ease. Before working with the coaches, I had sold only two coaching packages and was struggling to fill my practice. Since working with the program I have been able to 5x my income from last year.

I knew I needed to make offers and build out my online presence but I wasn't sure what to work on first, let alone second and third. I had tried a few other self-led business courses but I wasn't great at holding myself accountable and no one to get support from.

Enter Accelerator™! This program helped me get crystal clear on my messaging, laid the foundation for my business, and helped eliminate all of the drama. The coaching helped me create self-accountability and clear the blocks that created overwhelm and confusion.

The group coaching offered is invaluable! It's comforting to see that I'm not alone in struggling to build a business and watching others get coached gives me insight even when I didn't know I needed it. The community support is priceless.

Alison Jamison

A Note from Maria...

I promise you can get fully booked with PAYING clients!

And I’m so super pumped to give you the ROADMAP TO GET YOU THERE!

All you need is this simple strategic process, marketing strategies that work for your stage of biz, and stellar support from those who have already found success, and you can’t lose.

In fact it’s my REBEL YELL to you!

Now is the time for you to grow your dang’ business!

When you grab ahold of this crazy adventure, embrace your inner rebel & follow your fiery heart….you inspire everyone around you!

You give yourself and those around you permission to DESIGN A FULFILLING LIFE!

This is why you need to join us for this FREE workshop so that you can stop trying to figure out this whole business building thing, and instead have a Roadmap to get you there!


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