The High-Impact Entrepreneur...

​​Is full of unbelievable potential just waiting to be tapped for the highest good of all. When they learn to get into a state of flow, their ability to make this world a better place becomes limitless.

Knows their target clientele deeply and recognizes that this knowledge is the foundation of a successful business. They take the time to dig deep, do research and learn the hearts and minds of those they serve. In doing so, they create transformational programs and services that get results.

Builds their services and offers to meet their clients’ needs, not only to build their business. They are relentlessly motivated to serve, and this elevation of service over self-interest, creates a virtuous cycle of abundance and good fortune in their life.

Values the business basics: creating offers, routines, prioritizing their time, marketing and sales. They know that these elements of a business are directly related to their ability to impact clients deeply and consistently. They are continuous learners and experimenters and engage in these tasks with joy and openness.

Understands the need for ongoing feedback and support from others while building their business. They recognize that their business is an energetic extension of themselves and they choose coaches and mentors who are values-aligned.

Hone their ability to leverage their own intuition and pair it with strategy to increase their confidence and chance for success. They make business decisions that are for the highest good of all and trust the judgements they make.

Is brutally honest about their own need for personal growth and healing. They continuously work to clear away their own emotional and psychological blocks so they can show up courageously as the truest version of them self. In doing so, they model authenticity in ways that inspire others to also be the truest version of themselves.

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Core Leadership Development is committed to inclusion across diverse and intersectional identities. We believe that differences should be celebrated and inclusivity is a non-negotiable for us. We value individuals' experiences and personal narratives in our approach to coaching. We place high value on personal responsibility and generosity. We encourage you to become a part of our community if you share these values.


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